Training Events

In order to mobilize a movement, we need to keep learning and growing as leaders and we need to equip our people to be disciples who make disciples.

What If… P.L.E.A.S.E. Training – Mike Kahn of the TBBA presents practical training on how to (P) Pray, (L) Love, (E) Enjoy, (A) Assist, (S) Share and (Engage) with the people around you.

All for One – Mike Kahn shares a comprehensive training approach to help believers develop a Christ-centered identity that naturally brings the gospel into everyday conversations. Caring > Connecting > Conversing > Continuing. 

1 Body Church – Oct. 13 (Thurs) – Oct. 15 (Sun) – every six weeks this network of house churches offers an immersion training experience. Contact Lee Wood for info! Check their online calendar for all upcoming events.

Tampa Underground – tons of online resources and opportunities to attend training events, join a microchurch cohort and more! Contact Lucas Pulley for more.

Recommended Resources:

The Timothy Initiative – DMM principles applied to the U.S. with user friendly resources for Discovery Bible Studies and Training Centers to quickly mobilize and multiply disciplemakers. Contact David Oates to join a local cohort.

Zume – DMM resources, now in 40 languages, deliverable in easy to understand and share video clips, and with a free downloadable handbook.

Disciples Made – three Intentional Disciplemaking Environments from the Kansas City Underground – Followers Made, Leaders Made, Missionaries Made. Start with Episode One of their excellent Podcast.

Books to Check Out!

The Underground Church, Brian Sanders. The story of the Tampa Underground

In the Way, Damian Gerke. How “church as we know it” can be a disciplemaking movement again.

Saturate – Jeff Vanderstelt

The Starfish and the Spirit, Ford & Wegner. How to decentralize the church structure and mobilize a movement of disciplemaking.

Find your Place, Wegner & Phipps. Helping people identify their personal calling (Eph. 2:10) at the convergence of their Gifts, Passion and Story. See the free assessment here.

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