We consider every Bible-based, Gospel-centered church a part of our missional network. But we invite all churches that agree wholeheartedly with our statement of faith to consider formal partnership with us.

Please have your leadership team read over our vision and strategy and then discuss the six commitments involved with partnering with Tampa Bay 4 Christ. Download the Partnership Form here.

Church Partnership Commitments:

  1. Believing that apart from the Lord Jesus we can do nothing, our church family will regularly pray for revival in our region, for awakening in the Church of Tampa Bay and the mobilization of every follower of Jesus leading to gospel saturation – that every man, woman and child in our region would have repeated opportunities to see, hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  1. Believing that the character and health of the pastors in Tampa Bay is essential to supporting a move of God, our church family will expect our pastor(s) to meet regularly with other local pastors for prayer, mutual encouragement and accountability.
  1. Believing that our primary mission as the Church of Tampa Bay is to make disciples who make disciples, our church family will develop Intentional Disciplemaking Environments (I.D.E.), applying the best practices of movement leaders in the Bay and beyond and collaborating on and multiplying I.D.E.s whenever possible. 
  1. Believing that the American church must shift from the “collection” mindset of the church growth movement to the mobilization priority of Acts 1:8, our church family will seek to mobilize all of our people as missionary servants where they live, work, learn and play (e.g. using the P.L.E.A.S.E. or B.L.E.S.S. practices), collaborating with other churches that share our geography (Circle of Accountability). 
  1. Believing that the multiplication of disciples and churches is necessary to reach our region and the world, our church family will identify places, problems and people groups in need of the love and light of Christ and we will partner with other churches to share the gospel and plant new Gospel Communities (ministries, micro-churches, campuses or churches) there. 
  2. Believing that the Church of Tampa Bay is one family with one mission and that our unified cooperation matters to the Lord Jesus, our church family will invest financially in TB4C (
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