Evangelism Training Tools

(by Mike Kahn, Director of the Tampa Bay Baptist Association)

There is a need to train and mobilize over 200,000 Christ–followers in the greater Tampa Bay region to personally and often show and share Jesus with lost people. To accomplish this will require that we offer different evangelism resources for churches to use to train their members to do this. Some of the resources below are so simple to use that they can be taught from the pulpit on Sunday mornings. Other resources involve 8 – 10 weeks of training, homework, memory work, and accountability and can be taught in triads or small groups. Most of these resources are free or inexpensive.

Evangelizing those we know

1. Who’s Your One? J. D. Greear (simple/free)

This is a relationship evangelism strategy that encourages every believer to identify who the “one” lost person is that the Lord wants them to focus on reaching.  The emphasis is on praying for the lost person for thirty days and asking the Lord to use the believer to show and share Jesus with them.


2. The Engagement Project (Del Tackett – Small group training – 10 sessions)

Relational evangelism training that stresses the need for believers to deeply love their neighbors (and others they know) so that they might influence them to be saved. The North American Mission Board is considering partnering with Del Tackett to make this ministry available to churches.

Evangelizing those we do not know

3. Truelife.org (simple … about $400/year)

Church business cards linked to incredible websites that provide answers to life’s tough questions. The training for this ministry should take place on a Sunday morning from the pulpit. truelife.org

Evangelizing both those we know and those we do not know

4. What If?/P.L.E.A.S.E. (simple/free)

Personal evangelism training from the pulpit to equip believers to show and share Jesus with both those they know and with those they do not know. Free videos, brochures, and bookmarks are available online at tbba.org/evangelism/please so that a pastor can learn about this ministry and then lead his church members to PLEASE lost people by Praying for them, Loving them, Enjoying them, Assisting them, Sharing with them, and Engaging with them.

5. All for One (Triad group training – 8 sessions/free)

Personal evangelism training with one trainer leading 2-3 trainees through developing a lifestyle of personal evangelism through being Christ-Centered, and then Caring about, Connecting with, Conversing with, and Continuing with lost people. There is homework, memory work, and accountability. All resources and training videos are free and are available at tbba.org/all-for-one-intensive/. Soon there will be a three step process that will explain to pastors how they can use this strategy to equip their people to consistently show and share Jesus with others.

Unique Features video (12 minute overview of All for One)             tbba.org/evangelism/all-for-one/

Deeper Dive video (70 minute overview of every page of All for One)


Intensive Training videos (6.5 hours to train leaders to train trainees)


6. All for One (simple/free – Small group study – 5 sessions)

This small group study reduces the All for One – eight session training down to five sessions and includes a little suggested homework, no accountability, and no memory work.  It is a great study to use to raise the evangelism awareness of the entire church family in only five weeks. Visit tbba.org/all-for-one-intensive/ and scroll down the page and click on Small Group Study.

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